October poster finally done

After a long fight with the brand new rollers (new is not always bet­ter!) on our Korrex Frankfurt, Fer­di­nand finally man­aged to print the red forme for our Octo­ber poster. It is, as always, 50×70cm in size (approx 20×28in), printed 2 colours on 150gsm Meta­Pa­per Rough. The type is our favourite Akzi­denz Grotesk 16 cicero, the type made from Plakadur, Berthold’s superb resin mate­r­ial that lasts longer than wood and prints much sharper. If any­body has any more of that type in sizes between 12 and 24 cicero, we’d like to hear from you.

There are (barely this time) 50 prints of each poster, num­bered and signed by Erik Spiek­er­mann. We ship every­where and you can pay by Pay­Pal. Price is the same in every cur­rency, £, $, €: always 98, includ­ing tax (where applic­a­ble) and ship­ping, wrapped in a solid card­board tube.

Orders with ship­ping address please to info@p98a.com.


P98a posters

We print a poster every month to help pay the rent. P98a is not a commercial studio but we have expenses just like any other.
The posters are 50×70cm in size (approx 20×28in), printed 2 colours on 150gsm MetaPaper Rough. There are 50 prints of each poster, numbered and signed by Erik Spiekermann. We ship everywhere and you can pay by PayPal. Price is the same in every currency, £, $, €: always 98, including tax (where applicable) and shipping, wrapped in a solid cardboard tube.
The posters are printed from original wood type which can show slight imperfections. Sometimes those imperfections are also the result of us being too lazy to renew the packing on the machine, badly adjusted ink rollers or any number of mechanical surprises that are bound to happen with machinery from the 1950s. The press is a Korrex Frankfurt, maximum paper size 78×65cm on a good day.
The type for the September poster is 24cicero (approx. 25pica) Schmalfette Grotesk.

Watzlawick’s First Axiom of Communication is the September poster.

Watzlawick’s First Axiom of Communication is the September poster.

The previous 3 posters and the Korrex in action.

The previous 3 posters and the Korrex in action.

The Galerie P98a August poster is out

Printed on our Korrex Frankfurt, 50×70cm, in black, red and white. Type is Akzidenz Grotesk Medium 16 cicero.
Can be bought for €/$/£ 98, incl. shipping. Drop us a line at info@p98a.com.


Letterpress workshop at P98a

As just announced by Gestalten Verlag, we’ll have our first workshop in October. The July date announced earlier didn’t work out: we had too much to do to get the workshop ready.

Check this video, which was produced by Ole Wagner for Gestalten. Ole made a video interview with me years ago, when I received the German Federal Design Award.
This little movie also mentions the forthcoming monograph that Johannes Erler wrote about me. It’ll be back from the printers mid-August. So they say.

July poster from P98a

The red forme has been added and 50 posters are now available. $/€/£ 98 each, including postage and tax where applicable. We’ll ship them in a square tube. The prints are 50×70cm on MetaPaper Rough Warm 150g, handprinted, numbered and signed by Erik Spiekermann. Write to info (at) p98a.com with your address.

The type is 20 Cicero (approx 22 pica) Akzidenz Grotesk Bold, cut in Plakadur, the resin composite used by Berthold to make their large poster type.


The poster for July

We want to print one poster every month, using a different font from our collection of wood types. The poster for June is seen below. It was set in HWT Artz, the all-caps typeface I designed specially for the purpose of being cut into wood by Hamilton Wood Type. They’ll be cutting it in different sizes, the one here is 16 Cicero (about 18 pica) which seems to be a good size for 50×70cm posters.
The next poster is already set up in the press, our Korrex Frankfurt. Set in 20 Cicero Akzidenz Grotesk Bold. These letters are made from Plakadur, a resin material used by H. Berthold AG for their large type. It is sharper than wood and lasts longer. This particular weight does not exist in metal; it is heavier than the AG Bold we know today, as heavy but not as wide as AG Super.
We’ll be printing the black forme on tuesday, July 1 and the red forme this wednesday. It’ll be ready for shipping at the end of the week. It can be yours for 98 Euros, Dollars or Pounds, including shipping and tax where applicable.

Farewell Fest

On friday evening, more than 50 people turned up at the P98a printshop: my friends & colleagues from Edenspiekermann across the street (literally).

They had decided to celebrate my promotion from CEO to the Supervisory Board of the company (i. e. quasi-retirement) and brought food & drink with them. They also made a movie with short interviews which will be made public once we have it subtitled – a lot of them are in German, as befits a company with an office in Berlin.

In return, my friends at P98a printed a small poster for everybody which I signed. It had the first paragraph of our internal manifest on it which I had written some seven or so years ago:

We don’t do decent work.
Decent work is not good enough.
We need to do great work.

Christoph Rauscher posted some photos on his blog. This one comes from there:

Der erste (offizielle) P98a Druck

Dieses Plakat im Format 50×70cm haben wir in zwei Farben (schwarz und rot, was sonst?) auf unserer Korrex Frankfurt gedruckt. Auf MetaRough Papier 150g. Die Auflage ist auf 50 Exemplare beschränkt, die alle nummeriert und signiert sind. Gesetzt ist der große Text aus der HWT Artz in 16 Cicero. Diese Schrift hat Erik Spiekermann für den Schnitt in Holz eigens entworfen. Beim Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Two Rivers, Wisconsin sind die Buchstaben von Hand geschnitten worden. Genannt ist sie nach einem der inzwischen pensionierten Holzschneider, David Artz. Den digitalen Font gibt es bei P22.
Das Plakat ist ungerahmt, aber portofrei und inkl. MwSt. für €98 zu kaufen. Anfragen bzw. Bestellungen bitte elektrisch an info@p98a.com.


New wood type

The first batch of the new wood type arrived. It was cut by Hamilton Wood Type & Printing Museum in Wisconsin from my digital outlines. The digital font is for sale at P22 in support of their activities. I donated my work, of course.
The letters are not quite perfect, as the first proofs show. Apparently, 16 cicero is a measurement not easy to emulate by type cutters in the US. But we’ll get there eventually.
The German text translates roughly as “Everything is ready; it only has to be made”.
Some text in red will be added tomorrow.


P98a now has a website

We will be running our first letterpress courses here soon, in cooperation with Gestalten. They’ll take care of the logistics and we’ll run the workshops. Late July is a likely date, for two full days, Friday and Saturday.

We’ll be publishing our agenda and the exact dates and terms very soon. Watch this space.